For exhibitors

Industrial Tourism will have the annual appointment at B-INDUSTRIAL, the unique thematic fair dedicated to this tourism’s type, within the international tourism fair.

B-INDUSTRIAL was born with the willingness to become a referent and a meeting point inescapable for who has an offer in industrial tourism, and they want to promote it to the 36.000 visitors and more than 1.200 professionals that, on average, come every year at B-TRAVEL.

B-INDUSTRIAL is also a mandatory appointment for professionals and passionate of cultural tourism since within the fair there is the INDUSTRIAL TOURISM PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE a unique opportunity to know the novelties of the sector, networking and an occasion to generate new business.

B-INDUSTRIAL will provide the visitors with a DYNAMIZATION AREA where the exhibitors will offer workshops, demonstrations, tasting, activites and shows for the B-TRAVEL attendees. In addition, after the success got it last year, the B-INDUSTRIAL 2022 will organise again another HINT GAME on industrial espionage that will ensure that all participants of the game, will come to your booth. This year there will be prizes to the winner of the day at the end of each day.

Everybody that has an industrial tourism offer to show, should be present at B-INDUSTRIAL in Barcelona

EL GENERADOR has been the company chosen by Fira Barcelona for organizing and promoting exclusively the booths of B-INDUSTRIAL.

Information and contact: bindustrial@elgenerador.cat +34 675 684 464

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In the B-INDUSTRIAL 2022 exhibition, we will find an attractive offer of industrial tourism. All these proposals will be collected at these booths: 


Ajuntament de L’Alcora (Booth: H-825)

Asturias Turismo Industrial – Sdad. Pública Gestión y Promo. Turística y Cultural Principado de Asturias SAU (Booth: H-823)

Consorcio de Turismo de León – Patronato Provincial de Turismo de León (Booth: I-908)

Deputacion de A Coruña (Booth: I-911)

Diputación Provincial de Almería (Booth: H-821)

Diputación Provincial de Teruel (Booth: G-703)

El Generador Turisme i Cultura SL (Booth: I-906)

European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage  EFAITH (Booth: H-829)

MAKE COMO – Lariofiere  (Booth H-827)

Minas de Asturias – Ayuntamiento de Langreo y HUNOSA (Booth G-709)

Patronato Costa Blanca – Diputación de Alicante (Booth G-711)

SODEVA (Sociedad de Desarrollo de Valladolid) – Diputación de Valladolid) (Booth: G-705)

Turismo de Segovia (Gestión y Calidad Turística Ciudad de Segovia) (Booth G-701)

Xarxa de Turisme Industrial de Catalunya – XATIC (Booth: I-921) 




Professional Days

In parallel to the exhibition area, B-INDUSTRIAL organises the PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRIAL TOURISM CONFERENCE for the professionals of this field. The exhibitors will present projects and industrial tourism’s products. This is a unique opportunity to be updated with the last novelties of the sector as well as to present them to the specialised press, travels agencies, tour operators and tourism managers.

All the exhibitors will have free access to the activities of the professional sessions as well as all the professionals, media and interested people that will be accredited according to the establish conditions (see details in more information). 

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For visitors

During the days 1, 2 and 3 April 2022 will take place a new Edition of B-INDUSTRIAL, the thematic area of industrial tourism, within the international tourism fair of B-TRAVEL in Barcelona.

Besides the booths, which will offer the best proposals on international industrial tourism, the visitors also can participate in several programmed activities, such as artisans’ demonstrations, workshops, products’ tasting, exhibitions, etc.

In addition, after the success got it last year, the B-INDUSTRIAL 2022 will organise again another HINT GAME (aquí caldrà posar l’enllaç per anar a l’apartat corresponent), where on top of fulfilling a very exciting mission on industrial espionage, you can get rewards and great prizes will be given every day to the winners of the day.




Our secret organisation needs to hire new industrial spies (the latest were disappeared in the last mission), so we propose you to participate in our casting.

To do so, you have to complete a mission on industrial espionage at the industrial tourism area B-INDUSTRIAL, in the International tourism fair of B-TRAVEL, that will take place the following days 1, 2 and 3 April of 2022 at the Pavilion 8 of the “Fira de Montjuïc” in Barcelona

The candidates could win several rewards during the mission, and the winner of every day will get a perfect spy’s briefcase that will contain extraordinary top-secret prizes.

Will you be able to decipher the clues, to get the maximum points within the less time possible? Then you will become the best industrial spy and the spy’s briefcase of the day will be yours! 


If you want to live in first person how it is the HINT GAME co-created between AdventuriQ and El Generador, come at the event* with your smartphone (minimum requirements iOS 11.0 or Android 5.1) and follow the steps

  1. Downlowad the free APP from the Apple App Store or form Google Play Store looking for the “adventuriq”.

  2. Once the application is installed, open it and allow the features needed: Camera to scan QRs, GPS to locate the challenges geolocated and pictures folder or storage to save the pictures that you may need to do within the mission’s challenges.

  3. Then create you new user in AdventuriQ (if you don’t have it yet).

  4. Now, you can log in through the registration and once in you can see the list of adventures. If you are a new user the list will be empty, so you must add a new one by choosing+add adventure” and scan the QR code or you can also add the PIN code of the game which can be get at the front desk of El Generador located at the dynamization area (activities’area) for the attendees of B-INDUSTRIAL.

  5. One you see the adventure in your list, you are ready to select it and start playing! 
Don’t forget to read the rules of the adventure

We wish you enjoy the adventure and you complete the mission! 

(*) To Access at the B-Industrial you need to have a ticket, invitation or to be accredited as professional of the fair.