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For the fourth time B-travel fair will be presenting an industrial tourism exhibition area named: B-Industrial. It will be held in Barcelona on October, 2th, 3th and 4th, 2020.

Following the success of the previous editions, the International fair B-Travel has promoted tourism around the world, and it will be again a great opportunity to promote industrial tourism among all B-travel participants and 36.000 visitors.

B-Industrial will be an excellent event for your organization to connect with the industrial tourism market and to showcase all your products and services not only to potential customers, but to professionals and business people related to industrial tourism.

You will be granted the privilege of being part of PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRIAL TOURISM CONFERENCES. You can be part of conferences, round tables and networking business opportunities.

As in previous editions, the exhibition area will also have a space with activities such as demonstrations, workshops, tastings, etc. for all fair visitors. 

B-Industrial´s main goal is to become the Meeting point for all organizations and customers involved in industrial tourism .


For your convenience, EL GENERADOR is once again the official B-Industrial liaison and fair booth provider for the exhibition area of B-Industrial


 You may contact us at bindustrial@elgenerador.cator +34 675.684.464 or fill the form and we will contact you. 


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In the B-INDUSTRIAL 2019 exhibition, we found the offer of industrial tourism from 262 municipalities, 195 museums or interpretation centers and 202 visitable companies. As well as 72 experiences of industrial tourism.

 All these proposals has been collected at these booths:


·        Ajuntament de L’Alcora (Estand: D170)

·        Asturias Turismo Industrial – Sdad. Pública Gestión y Promo. Turística y Cultural Principado de Asturias SAU (Estand: D168)

·        Ayuntamiento de Béjar (Estand: D161)

·        Bodega Otazu (Estand: D157)

·        Camara Municipal São João da Madeira –Portugal (Estand: D171)

·        Centre Interpretació de l’Or – Inst. Mpal. Progrés i Cultura de Balaguer (Estand: D159)

·        Consorcio de Turismo de León – Consorcio Patronato Provincial de Turismo de León (Estand: D175)

·        Deputacion de A Coruña (Estand: D166)

·        El Generador Turisme i Cultura SL (Estand: D164)

·        Empresa Sagalés SA (Estand D162)

·        Eusakdi Basque Country – Basquetour Agencia Vasca de Turismo (Estand D167)

·        Turismo de Segovia - Gestión y Calidad Turística Ciudad de Segovia - Turismo de Segovia  (Estand: D173)

·        Industrial Travel –Promo. Turísticas en Internet SL (Estand D163)

·        Museu del Tabac - Antiga Fàbrica Reig – Andorra (Estand: D165)

·        Patronato de Turismo Costa Blanca (Estand: D160)

·        Xarxa de Turisme Industrial de Catalunya – XATIC (Estand: D162) 




Professional Days

At the same time as the exhibitors will offer their proposals for industrial tourism and visitors will be granted the privilege of enjoy tastings, workshops and demonstrations in the exhibition area of B-Industrial; Professional Industrial Tourism Conferences will be held,  where  the exhibitors will be  make  presentations of their industrial tourism products and services. Also there will be the debates "Industrial Tourism face to face"

All exhibitors, tourism professionals and press, with accreditation, will have free access to Conferences.


We will be sharing the conference program on this site very soon.


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For visitors

For the fourth time B-TRAVEL Fair will be presenting an industrial tourism exhibition area named: B-Industrial. It will be held in Barcelona on  June  11, 12 and 13, 2021.

This international fair has promoted tourism around the world, and now, it is a great opportunity to promote industrial tourism among all participants and visitors of all the world.

We will include improvements in the exhibition area, such as the best industrial tourism proposals, with many activities such as demonstrations, workshops and tastings to share with your family.

And this year, also you can participate in a escape room and win reat prizes.

B-INDUSTRIAL area is a consolidate reference in the tourism sector. The meeting point for all interested in industrial tourism and also for those who want to discover its attractive.



To access B-INDUSTRIAL exhibition area, you will be served B-TRAVEL ticket.